Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Love of my Life

Lets go back with we almost a year. It started in September of 2007. Im in a institute choir class as the class president. This young man around my age walks into the class one wednesday night and he looks vaguely familiar. I get a little excited because for the first time in a long time someone new to get to know that is around my age. I realize who he is and that I know a little bit about him. I met him years ago when he came home from his mission and was a junior at the AFA. Anyway he is good looking and he and I start to talk one night at choir I made a comment about knowing him for way to long. So meanwhile he starts to sit by me every chance he gets at choir. We talk flirt and get to know each other become friends. Now its mid October. He asks me if I want to go to a Single Adult Conference over the weekend and I tell him maybe. I decide to go and I see him there he has me sit by him and we just hang out and have fun. Well since I don't have a car I remember I need a ride home that night. I timidly ask him for a ride he gladly accepts. We talk on the ride home he invites me to the followly days conference stuff and again I tell him maybe. Well the next day I end up getting busy helping my parents clean out their flower garden. So I space out going to the conference but later that night I remember that there is a young single adult Halloween Dance and I get a ride to that and then start remembering that I had mentioned it to him then I go about the night hoping by some sheer chance he will show. To my pleasure he shows up dressed as a professor from the Harry Potter books. I stood in awe as he walked in and asks me to dance. He asked me several other times that night. I again ask him for a ride home that night. As we are on our way home he starts asking me what kind of music I like to listen to and I tell him. Then he asks if I like Evanescance and I say well why yes i do for what purpose. All he says is because I have two tickets to their concert in November and I need a date. He leaves it at that. Then we have a choir performance the following day. He disappeared on me so I didn't get to get a ride from him that day like I had hoped. Then its a few days til I see him again. Well wednesday rolls around again its choir night I'm ecstatic because I get to see him again. I was going crazy thinking about him for 4 days not having his number and him not calling me even though he got my number on the night of the dance. Well again burden to everyone I need another ride home from choir so I asked him for one and he answered well yes but I need to give someone else a ride home first. So he drops off the other person and he says to me I don't want this night to end how about you. I said well no so he takes me to this park and we swing and talk for hours til Im chilled to the bone. That was our first date October 24th. We have been inseparable ever since. Spent almost everyday together since then. We became the best of friends. He asked me about the first of November to go home with him for christmas. I was still working for a horrible childcare and looking for a much better job with benefits. Finding it way difficult because of the hours I worked my current job. Well finally I got a phone call to set up a interview at my old junior high school. So I was able to go home with him to Missouri for christmas. It was so much fun and a way new experience for me. The first time ever away from my family for the holidays. It was an adventure. We flew to Missouri on the sunday before christmas got there and spent several hours in the airport. Found out that the airlines had lost all four of our checked bags. Christmas was wonderful I fell way more in love with him and his family. The whole entire time I was there my father in law kept calling me daughter because for the life of him he couldn't remember my name. Neither could his oldest brother so the day his brother couldn't remember my name instead of calling me my hubby's ex wife's name he called me princess. They made me feel right at home. While in Missouri we went to Independance and got to see the visitor's center. My favorite part was going to Liberty Jail. It was so emotional for me and the spirit so strong. We came back from Missouri and talked about getting married and he told me he was way scared and wasn't sure when he would be ready to do so again. Well I knew the answer I kept getting and I knew he was worth the wait. I told him I would wait for him to be ready because he is my best friend and I wanted to marry my best friend. I got the feeling that he and I needed to read our scriptures together so I suggested it and we started. Thats when he realized he couldn't let me go. Well behind my back he started making plans to ask my parents permission which he knew he had to do and then designing a ring and planning his proposal. Well on valentines day it was great he sent me flowers at my work. I had a singing valentine show up to his work at the same time I picked him up for our trip to the temple for our date. I was not feeling well it had snowed so I tried to talk him out of going to denver. He wouldn't let me he kept insisting and asking are you sure you don't want to go to the temple. I finally consented and we went the roads were fine. We made it to the temple and we checked in and he said to me I left something in the car. So I was ok thinking he'll only be a few minutes i'll wait to go get dressed til he gets back. More than a few minutes went by and he hadn't come back. I knew he was up to something because of the insisting on still going the fact he ran out to the car and was taking forever. Anyway I get this thought he is going to purpose to me. I brush it off and say oh no your just acting crazy because its valentines day. Well more minutes go by and he walks in from the car with his temple bag and a blanket rolled on top and he then says to me I thought you were going to go get dressed. I said to him that I wanted to wait for him. Again the thought crosses my mind about him proposing and I brush it off a second time. Then we go get changed into our special clothes and meet in the chapel, when he walked into the chapel the thought was there again with whispered words saying you better be prepared he's going to propose to you tonight. From then on I was way tuned into the spirit. I had to hold back tears. We went to our session and after we made it into the celestial room of the temple the fourth prompting of the spirit the second time with the actual words whispered to me you better be prepared he's going to propose to you tonight. Still finding it hard to hold back tears I prayed right there to the lord thanked him for bringing Paul into my life and let the lord know I was ready for whatever was his will for me was. Then Paul says to me are you ready to go and I said yes I'm hungary lets go get something to eat. That was my only request for the night. We went and changed back into our regular church clothes then met in the foyer of the temple to go out to the car. On the way out to the car he starts to pull me down the sidewalk behind the temple to the brides bench. As we get to the brides bench he says wait let me put down this blanket so you don't get wet. Then he helped me have a seat then he hands me my elephant that says I LOVE YOU and the chocolates I picked out for valentines day. Then he got down on one knee and turns to his temple bag and spins back around with a ring box in his hand. For me that was it I couldn't hold in the tears any longer. He started into his proposal and said to me I love you I now know I want to marry you because your my best friend also you make me want to try again you make me want to be a better man meanwhile he started to cry as well which makes me cry even more. I told him yes through lots of tears and we kissed and hugged. The following day I called my family ward bishop to find out what needed to be done and had an appointment set with him for sunday. Had the appointment with my bishop and he tells me not to wait to set a wedding date and we would start the process of having the sealing canceled to my ex husband. Anyway its a process to get a sealing cancelation and in the meeting I found out Paul needs to get a sealing clearance and its also a process. We set a date that night with my parents. Paul and I were very hesisitant because of who knows so my moms says to us stop stewing and pick a date. Plans were that we would be going to my cousin's wedding the end of May. So my mom says to us why don't you guys get married on the 24th and you two can share a room in Arizona. So that was the date we picked. It was only a 3 month engagement but the longest 3 months for me. It was so hard I had so many break downs it's not even funny. Anyway the big day came and we got married by my bishop and the sealing cancelation/clearance is still in the works actually its at a stand still because someone is dragging their feet and won't do anything to help it be done with. Paul and I now will be waiting to be sealed to another in 10 months. The plans are to go to Missouri and get sealed in the St. Louis temple so it will be easier for his side of the family to be there. Anyway we got married it was the most wonderful day of my life. My sister got to be there, my nieces and my nephew were there and my mom made cute little dresses for Leigha and Ashleigh and a vest was made for Mathieu. At first I was terrified and was litterly shaking but once the ceremony was over I relaxed a little bit. My mom's quartet sang us a song I will remember that forever. Also I had my best friend Jen's little sister Deidre Play the harp for us and also had the young John Leavitt play the violin. Friday the night before the wedding he called and asked if his sister Joanna could accompany him on the piano so I said sure. The following day sunday Paul and I left for San Diego for 5 days to have a honeymoon then we flew to Phoenix and met my family there for my cousin's wedding.