Saturday, August 30, 2008


We had so much fun in San Diego and Disneyland. It was so exhausting that we spent thursday sleeping in our hotel room. It was so beautiful the whole entire week we didn't think to use sunscreen so we got crispy fried. Anway we love being married.

Paul, Mickey Mouse, and I

Me and one of my hero's Mickey Mouse.
Our cart for the ride
Snow White ride
Pirates of the Caribbean ride
Making out at Disneyland
Finding Nemo ride We went to Disneyland on Wednesday of our honeymoon. We took a tour bus from our hotel to Anaheim. Me standing in front of the Shamu exhibit.
Dolphin Show Shamu Show at Sea World
Beluga Whales Polar Bears at Sea World.
Penguins at Sea World.
Sea World tower we went to Sea World on Tuesday of our honeymoon.

Me behind the monkey mask.

A very cute Koala bear. You don't see these very often.
This elephant just kept eating and eating. Still cute though.

An adorable monkey posing for everybody watching him at the zoo.

A cute baby panda eating. Me standing in front of the polar bear exhibitI was so excited because I hadn't seen a polar bear in a long time.
A cute gazelle eating the tree. Me being a goof ball on the tour bus in the zoo. A view of the elephants from the tour bus through the zoo. A tree sculpture of a elephant outside the San Diego Zoo. We went to the zoo on Monday of our honeymoon.

A cruise ship that came into the bay one morning.

A cool view of the bay from the elevator one morning on our way down to eat breakfast. A cool wall sculpture to look at while walking from Seaport Village back to our hotel.

This is a dock right across the street from our hotel at sunset. We saw lots of boats come in there.
We stayed three or four blocks from Seaport Village which is a fun shopping place and good restaurants.

After settling in our room we went and did some sight seeing sunday afternoon and evening. Which was our first day there.

Our hotel was so wonderful. It sat right on the bay it was so cool in the mornings and evenings I needed to wear a sweatshirt.

For our honeymoon we decided to go to San Diego because we had plans to go to Phoenix for my cousin's wedding the weekend after ours. So we started making plans and decided to stay on the bay at place called Holiday Inn on the Bay. Here's me fresh off the plane in San Diego.