Thursday, October 2, 2008

Baby Box

We had an amazing summer. I worked for a month of summer to pay off a car that was sold because it was wrecked. I am really struggling with job at this point. I am not liking the mean catty women I work with. One is so opinionated it drives me so crazy. Marriage life is wonderful we really love each other so much but there are the ups and downs to it all. September was a hard month for both paul and I. Paul had to work lots he was working overtime everyday almost worked a few of the saturdays. He got notice at work that there was a project his company was taking over and they had two weeks to get it done which normally something like that takes 2 months. With him working alot we had some strain but we got through it. Also the best part of september is on August 30th we found out Im pregnant. Due date is around may 6th. Both Paul and I are so excited. I think paul can hardly believe it. When I told him he didn't believe me at first but then I showed him the home pregnancy test proof. HE then got way excited. He will be a great dad. He is so sweet to me and spoils me to no end. I love him more than anything and we are starting our family. Anyway during our crazy month of september I got to have the first ultrasound done on the baby. I am about 9 weeks along in my pregnancy. Paul unfortunately because of his work he had to miss the ultrasound so he missed hearing the heartbeat which is so amazing. I started to tear up when i heard it. Anyway for those of you interested here is the picture of the ultrasound.

Ultrasound 1 of baby box

I am quitting my job in december because Im tired of all the crap. I hate not being valued anymore. Hope you all enjoy. For the next few months it will be a slow blog but once this bundle of joy comes there will be lots of posts all the time. I love you all my family and close friends.