Thursday, October 20, 2011

Joanna's 2nd Birthday

Joanna turns 2. I can't believe it. This post is quite a bit late. I am way behind on my posts on here.

Heres our sweet 2 year old princess.
We decided on a princess party and what a blast it was.

Heres her loot. She really cleaned up this time.
Our princess playing out side while daddy barbecues our meal.
Look at her isn't she beautiful. I love my crazy family.
The best wat to wear a tiara. Its the new fad and she would know.
Some of her great gifts. She still loves them to this day.

Everyone seems to love this gift. It is so much fun and plays some great songs.

Look my son has a girlfriend.
My family is so great. My dad is dreaming of being a princess.
The cake which is a bunch of cupcakes. I love that its a castle.
Joanna's friend Carissa Thompson.
We had a blast but next year it will just be a few of her friends for an hour of fun and games. Maybe possibly going to host a kindermusik party.

Robbie's First Birthday

Presents at the beginning of the party and the same decorations as Joanna's first birthday.
Wearing the infamous dumbo ears. Isn't he just the dang cutest ever?
Interested for now. We will see how long it lasts.
Sort of interested.
She really likes to help.
Robbie less interested but thank goodness has a pro for a sister.
I love the kids getting clothes for there birthdays and gift giving occasions.
I love the jacket. Joanna now says it has ribbons on it.
Playing with the toys that he got for the occasion.
Joanna enjoying the frosting like always
Eating his first cupcake all by himself.
A Couple of videos of the occasion. I am so glad it was a small affair.