Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Joanna's Blessing

On Sunday June 14th we blessed Joanna Katharine at church. Paul's parents Pearl and Jerry Box came for it. My parents were there as well. In the prayer circle was Paul, Jerry, my dad Kim, Bishop Webster, and Miguel Perez. It was such a lovely day. She didn't cry a bit during the blessing she was quite the angel. My brother and two nieces were there along with Stacy.
My mother made the dress it is so pretty.
Me and Joanna she was a little upset because she was tired.
Grandma and Grandpa Box with Joanna
The Boxes including grandma and grandpa.

The Boxes and and Pop Cope and Grandma Cope

Grandma Cope, Pop Cope Paul, Joanna and I.

Joanna's First Joy

Her first time in the swing at grandma's and pop's house. She really actually likes it alot.