Thursday, July 23, 2009

Variety of PIctures

Paul and Joanna on fathers day!
Joanna in Avey's brown and pink dress.
Look at me I'm standing in my carseat.
Playing in daddy's office chair.
Looking so cute visiting grandma in the hospital.

At grandma and pop's sitting up on their couch.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Renissance Festival 2009

Paul, Jen, Deidre, Joanna and I went to the renisannce festival in larkspur colorado on saturday the 26th of June. First stop was a costume shop to buy a outfit complete with corset. Then it was on to get our hair braided. We looked in lots of the shops bought food. Went to the joust, and rode the elephants.
My hair complete after being braided and I was dressed and ready to roll.
Jen and I ready to roll our hair braided.

Jen posing

Deidre posing

Jen and Deidre Garrett posing

Jen with Jack Sparrow

Jen and Deidre with Jack Sparrow

The three of us ladies with Jack Sparrow he wanted more wenches.

Wenches want Paul

Where are my Wenches!

We had such a good time but left due to the rain. Can't wait till next years Renissance Festival.