Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Joanna's Baby Shower

My visiting teachers Lauren Russell and Nina Brandt threw my baby shower. As many as could attend were there. We had alot of fun. Only a few games were played. I was thankful for that.
The Cake was made by Shelly Walters.

Paula Thompson and Kamee Grover

My parents Neighbor Mary Powers and Nikki Jutras

Linda Merritt

Sister Spano, Kamee and I chowing down on the wonderful yummy food.

Lauren Russell and Nina Brandt
Linda Merritts gift to me of baby bath stuff

Baby hat crocheted or knitted by Paula Thompson. Also links for Joanna to play with.

Sister Spano quilted a nice blanket for her.
My mom made a baby shag blanket thats as soft as can be.
Pacifiers from my Aunt Jeri and Cousin Keely

Blankets and books from my sister.
Fleece blanket made by Nikki Jutras
Wipes and a tigger toy plus a billy bob teeth pacifier.

My cousin Kira came.
Kira gave me onesies and wrist rattles.
Caralyn Young came to the shower.

The Cope family women that made it to my shower had our picture taken.
I recieved lots of other lovely gifts not shown here in this blog. I am looking forward to Joanna coming to be my daughter. I thank heavenly father he is entrusting her in my care. Sometimes still I can't believe my dream of being a mother is coming true. I hope I can be the best Mother to Joanna. I have a wonderful husband who is as excited about his dream to be a father is coming true as well.