Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Robert Travis Box

My little man is finally here. It's story time again and right now I am taking advantage to get this posted before I am to busy again to do so. I woke up yesterday morning at 330 and had to go bathroom. Thought my water had broke and my contractions started at about 5 minutes apart with a fury. I called my mom so she could be there when Joanna his big sister woke up. I quickly progressed to 3 minutes apart with my painful contractions in the short trip to the hospital. We got to the hospital about 445 checked in and they checked me. Monday morning at my doctor's appointment I was dialated to a 3. When they checked me at the hospital at about 5am I was closer to a 4. They got me up to delivery and by the time I got my epidural which I was crying for I was at a 7. When my doctor came to check me and finally break my water I was at 9. After he broke my water they gave me a little bit of pitosen (spelling) to get my contractions a little closer together since they had slowed down when my epidural kicked in. I went to a 10 really quick and I was ready to push. It was only 20minutes till my handsome son came out. My doctor barely made it back in time to help catch him it went so quickly. Unfortunately he had to go to the NICU for the night last night but he is in my room with me finally. He has taken to breastfeeding like a champ. Got to start feeding every 3 hours. Paul cutting the umbilical cord.

Me holding him for the first time

He is so adorable. I can't believe it.

Do I have to wear this oxygen? I'd rather eat it.

Well okay I guess I will let it be in my nose.

Mommy loving on her cute little man. Already perfecting the pout.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Joanna's First Birthday

I know this has been long awaited by all our fans. Sorry it has taken me so long to get this posted. My 15th month old daughter really keeps me busy and with the heat and the computer being in the hottest room in the house its hard to feel like using the computer to update the blog. I have been keeping busy also getting ready for the birth of our son which should be any day now.

Joanna eating her cake Lilyanne Jutras feeling left out.
Hey Joanna, Lilyanne wants some.

MMM this is yummy

Some various birthday cake shots.

Madalynn, Joanna, Stacy, and Kristian
Madalynn playing on the stairs.
Avey Ricks my cousin's Kira's daughter who, she and her parents were at the party for a few minutes.
Joanna and Lilyanne Jutras helping opening Joanna's presents. Joanna opening her first baby doll given to her by Gammie and Pop.
Three of the Brennan women who came to Joanna's party. They are in are ward at church. Joanna opening presents. She made a haul for sure.
What a face but Gammie is here at my party as well as pop. Just no pictures to actually prove it I think he played camera man.
Cousin Madalynn my brother's youngest which she is the only cousin Joanna really knows because the other 4 cousins live out of state. Aunt Katlen & Aunt Becky found these cute Dumbo ears for me.
Stacy & Joanna
Uncle Kristian, Madalynn and Joanna
Joanna and Lilyanne they are besties. They were born a day apart but only 8 hours apart.
Joanna wearing her easter ears waiting for the rest of her birthday guests to arrive.
Joanna and Lilyanne Jutras we really are the best of buds. Our moms try to get together often so we can play.
We had a good turn out for her birthday. There was me, and Paul, My mom which she is gammie, my dad he is pop, my brother Kristian, his daughter Madalynn, his other half Stacy, my cousin Kira her hubby Eli their daughter Avey, The Brennans from our church ward, My best friend Nikki her hubby Dan and their daughter Lilyanne who is one of Joanna's besties. We BBQ'd hamburgers, hotdogs, and brats. It was lots of fun for all.
Joanna being a ham and cheese.