Friday, October 16, 2009

Rolling and Scooting

The adventures of Joanna beginning already. How dangerous does that sound. Yes we are going to have to be baby proofing already. Especially since I will be crawling before you know it. So watch out Joanna fans. I should more than likely have a official crawling blog by thanksgiving.
Hey you looking at me of course you are I am the cutest.

I love my new gym. Its so much fun.

The first video is of me scooting the second one of me is rolling over. I love getting into things I am not supposed to all ready. Lookout mom and dad.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Balloon Glow in August

Over the labor day weekend every year here in colorado springs is called a balloon classic. Which early in the morning they have balloon races. I have never been to one. In the evenings after it gets dark they have the balloon glow where they blow up the balloons and light there fires all at the same time.This year we took Leigha to it she enjoyed it as well as our princess Joanna.
Joanna and I. Leigha my niece enjoying the balloons.
Paul and Joanna Paul and fussy Joanna The balloons glowing.
Leigha getting cold and tired.