Friday, December 12, 2008

Baby Girl Box

Joanna or baby jojo as I call her has discovered also that she likes my sciatic nerve she thinks its a nice little trampoline to play with and on. I don't like it so much. I have had an realtively easy pregnancy so its nice. Also I really enjoy feeling her kicking and punching me. I waiting for the day when Paul gets to feel it he is kinda of jealous he hasn't felt her yet.

This is our sweet precious girls little foot it my belly pushing on it. She is saying look at my foot. Also we have discovered she is really active alot. She really likes music and will just move around and around when she hears it. We went to my mother's sweet adeline's christmas show last saturday afternoon when her quartet got up and were singing my daughter just started to move like crazy. We like saying she recognizes her grandmothers singing voice already and loves it.

We found out on December 10 that we are expecting a little girl into our family. We are so excited. Here is a picture of her looking more human than 2 months ago. We have pretty much decided on a name its going to be Joanna Katharine. We are registering at Walmart, Target, and Burlington Coat Factory Baby Depot.