Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Joanna Katharine is here!!!

This past weekend started out like anyother weekend. We had plans to attend a wedding saturday night, renew our lease at our apartment complex. Friday Paul got off work early and we went to denver to get some things. We took flowers to my mom for placing 3rd in regional sweet adeline's quartet competition friday afternoon. We went to the Home storage place to get some things we knew we need for food storage.

Saturday morning around 4 something I was awakened by a contraction but I didn't think much about it because I had been having sporadic contractions for a month. Well I went to the bathroom and my plan was to go back to sleep. Well to my astonishment I started to leak like I had peed the bed. I knew that couldn't be it. So after about a half hour I cleaned myself up and clean the sheets. This was around 5am. I woke paul up at 6am to let him know we should prepare to maybe possibly go to the hospital. I put that off til I talked to my dad and my contractions were 2 hours apart still sporadic. My dad came to get the gift for the wedding that night and he and Paul gave me a priesthood blessing. We then went to the hospital. They determined my water had broken and that was at 10:30. Because of a group B strep test that came back positive they started an IV with antibiotics. Then about 12:15 they started some pitosin to get my contractions rolling and at regular intervals. IT didn't take long for the drugs to take effect because the pain increased my contractions were about every 1 1/2 minutes to 2 minutes apart. It became very unbearable for me. So I told Paul to tell them I was ready for the epidural. It took maybe ten minutes for the anisteisolgist to come and get the epidural going. Once the epidural hit it was smooth sailing. I felt nothing from the waist down. Meanwhile it took til 615 for me to be dilated to 1o. I started pushing and things got real tough and they ended up having to use the forceps to get her out. She was born at 8:16pm weighed 7lbs even is what they wrote down. She is 19 3/4 inches tall has Pauls long eyelashes, his hair and she has a fair amount of it. She is so beautiful. We are greatful she is here and healthy. Here a few pictures.

Right after Joanna Katharine was born.

Here is a picture of the weight scale after her weight was calculated. They rounded up because she was so close to 7lbs.

Look at me. Would you hurry up I'm cold.

Look at my feet. They are doing her footprints.

Mommy adoring her angel that is now here.

I love this beautiful girl and she is all mine.

Happy and content she is finally here.

Joanna is thinking quite heavyly.

One of her many facial expressions. We love them all.

Paul's two girls.

Nice and cozy.

Wide eyed and beautiful.

Yeah visitors.

Aunt Jill in town for Taber's wedding open house came by the hospital to visit before heading back to Arizona.

My mom and Aunt Jill just loving Joanna.

Mom and Aunt Jill.

Paul admiring his little girl.

Nice and comfy.

Ooh Yummy my hands I love to suck on them.

Having my picture taken again.

Back to sleep.

Paul and his little girl. Sweet angel of mine sleeping. The blanket was crocheted by her grandmother box.

We came home from the hospital on monday at noon. We are adjusting pretty well I guess. Still dealing with lots of changes. Hope all of you enjoy this new post.