Sunday, June 5, 2011

Washington DC Trip

This trip was a year ago last month at mothers day. My hubby has been on the bone marrow registry for years. He started getting calls in at the end of the year in 2009. He was a potential match for a little girl about our daughters age who has lekumia. He went through physical after physical, blood test after blood test. Found out he was the best match for this little gal in England. We got a free trip to DC. Did a wee bit of site seeing it was a world wind of going from a few places along the national mall. some of the places I don't remember.
I think this is the WWII memorial. In any case another place of which has a peaceful feeling.

The quote above Lincoln at the Lincoln memorial. It was so humble to be there.

The Lincoln Memorial.

Looking up the steps at the Lincoln Memorial.

A far away look at the White House.

A far away look at the Washington Memorial.

One of the first ladies inauguration gowns.

One of the Indian musuems.

President and Mrs Lincoln Clothes.

One of the dumbo ride carts from disney world or disney land.

Two shots of Julia Childs Kitchen.

a couple of the sea life at the aquarium.

Boy Scout Memorial.

Washington Memorial.

Paul and I outside the gate at the White House.

We had such an amazing time and for such amazing thing. On the day of his procedure I got to sleep in and then went and met him at Georgetown University Hospital I got on the shuttle from our hotel. A lady with her things including a cooler got on as well. I didn't assume anything. Found out through talking to her she was a courier picking up bone marrow and transferring it to the recipent. Turns out she was the one carrying to paul's recipent.

Anyway it was a world wind trip only got to see a little bit of the many wonderful things the city has to offer. I want to go back one day and really dig into the culture history available to see there.

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